Virtual Disney Experience for Retailers- A Curved Video Wall

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Curved Video Wall

We finally completed a curved video wall project in West Toronto.

This was not a typical digital signage project. We used a professional series Panasonic projector that output over 7000 lumens of light in order to give us the brightness and 1080P resolution required for this specific project. We utilized an HP media/Signage player. We also attached a USB wireless remote so that salespeople when showcasing can toggle between different video files with ease. We used the Chief Ceiling Mount which made the projector easy to install.

The customer needed to give their clients that immersive virtual experience of how their products will look within a store environment. As the video pan and tilts through the aisles, you actually feel like you’re in the store. For me it was a sort of felt as if it was some sort of Virtual Disney experience for retailers. This attraction did not have a Disney line-up.

This is a great opportunity for product specialist to get a sense of how their product will look like on the store shelf. Or, as our client also offers specialty packaging design services for POP merchandisers, curved wall gives them an opportunity to see how their product will look within store shelves.

Now what would’ve been really cool, if they let us play “NEED FOR SPEED” video game. Although, based on the initial capital investment, understandably, I don’t think playing video game was on their agenda.

To experience how it feels/ looks like, watch the video below.

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