Interactive Lobby Kiosk Solution

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Did you ever go to a meeting and then have to wait in the lobby for several minutes to get processed as a visitor? Either the receptionist was too busy answering incoming phone calls or, better yet, she was unable to locate the person you came to meet because they were not at their desk?interactive lobby

Fortunately, we’ve solved that problem with a self check-in that sends an instant notification to the individual you’re visiting.

This video shows a recent installation that our Toronto Digital Signage team deployed downtown. It does a great job demonstrating how easy it is to use an interactive lobby kiosk solution.

Are you wondering — what problem does it really solve? A lot of corporate offices today do not have a receptionist to greet and process visitors, even though they have high standards when it comes to documenting, processing and logging them. This poses a real challenge when a receptionist or security personnel is not situated in the front lobby.

A few months ago, one of our Toronto clients asked us for a cost-effective and efficient way to process visitors on each floor of their corporate head office.

Our solution was a kiosk with an interactive touch screen, enabling the visitor to sign-in by entering their first and last name, along with a company name. An optional feature is to have their photo taken, which can be kept for future records or sent to the person being visited.

After they sign-in, the visitor enters their contact’s name. This step triggers an instant SMS message and voice mail, informing the contact that they have someone waiting for them in the lobby.

At this point, the device prints out a badge/sticker for the visitor to wear and we are ready for business!

This solution offers immediacy and also reduces wait times and the reliance on a front receptionist and security personnel.

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