Temperature Scanners with COVID questionnaires are essential in keeping your facilities safe during this pandemic. The challenge is having your staff monitor the front lobby with a handheld digital thermometer and another team member conducting the COVID questionnaires with paper and pen is not sustainable.
MyLobby platform is the solution where you can TRACK, TRACE, and MONITOR on one platform automatically. Here are some of the features:

  • Temperature screening
  • COVID questionnaire screening
  • Employee attendance logs
  • Visitor attendance logs
  • Instant notification of non-compliant entries

Within this website, you will learn how our Visitor Management Solution has evolved into a PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM like MyLobby has helped organizations save time, space, and more importantly, in this pandemic, has made COVID-19 screening safer and more efficient. The MyLobby team is committed to delivering a versatile and cost-effective Temperature Scanner to help manage the flow of visitors and personnel.

  • The key benefits of our visitor management system are:
  • Saves time by connecting people faster
  • Reduce operational expense – Less human resources required
  • Improve security with a clear head and shoulder picture of each visitor
  • Maintains an up-to-date log visitor
  • Easy to query visitors still in the building.
  • Mass notification system – Sends Customize emergency messages to staff and visitors

To find out more information, go to this link: https://www.my-lobby.com/temperature-scanner-mylobby

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