Digital Signage and Social Networking

  • July 26, 2011
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Social networking is engrained in the everyday life of shoppers today. Facebook, Twitter, and the daily emergence of new social networking platforms. Luckily business have recognized the opportunity to use social networking as a way to communicate with their customers. But what has proven to the the biggest challenge is to generate a strong following. In order for any social networking initiatives is that regardless of how valuable the information is on the social working sites, people need to know that the retailers are socially connected.

Retailers can now take advantage of digital signage to tap into their social networking feeds and have their posts displayed in their store. These feeds could take up a small zone on the screen, a large zone, or have the ability to have a scrolling feed of posts on the bottom of your advertisements. The main advantage of using digital signage to promote your social networking is that it lets people know it exists. Digital signage draws shoppers into the retail outlet, and upon noticing that the store posts on social networking platforms, the shopper can follow the newest promotions from home. Given the growing amount of time people spend online, there is a high likelihood that people may visit your face page before seeing your ad in the newspaper. What essentially seems like advertising your advertising, is actually handing out a digital brochure.

MyMedia specializes in zoning your digital signage and giving you the ability to promote your social networking. Digital signage has countless in store benefits, but paired with social media, customers have access to your message anywhere.

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