How do you communicate in a Multilanguage environment without creating a cluttered of static signs posted everywhere in English and foreign languages?

  • July 26, 2011
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Communication coordinators are using digital signage as a tool to communicate in multiple languages without creating extra clutter.

Since digital signage is dynamic it can effectively communicate the same message in multiple languages ensuring all visitors are clearly understanding the same message. Canada is fortunate to be a cultural mosaic. Our multiculturalism has grown to the point where French, our second official language, is not even in the top 10 languages spoken in Canada. Retailers, by advertising using static signage, limit their advertising potential by reaching only one demographic of shopper or by created cluttered static signage.

Digital signage offered by MyMedia gives retailers the ability to have adaptive digital signage that can be tailored to each individual retail location’s needs. Adopting digital signage gives retailers the ability to not only communicate with a more diverse audience than ever before but additionally allows the retailers to experience the benefits of increased sales and awareness that eye-catching dynamic digital signage provides.

Digital signage would allow retailers to display information in as many languages as they want by either rotating through different languages or even effectively displaying more than one language at a time. Digital signage reduces the clutter that exists on static signage when displaying more than one language with the ability to transition to a new ad. This allows every ad displayed to be as effective as possible, and yielding the highest likelihood of success from each sign.

Being able to communicate with all shoppers in a manner most comfortable to them is a major step in improving the customer experience. MyMedia is offering turnkey digital signage that facilitates seamless multilingual digital signage without creating clutter, or increasing costs. Contact MyMedia to learn how to get the most out of

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