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  • July 25, 2012
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These days, corporate overload is becoming the norm for individuals. With business systems that can now measure all kinds of metrics to become somewhat of a daunting task to keep up-to-date with and causing a great deal of stress and frustration in the workforce. Furthermore, it becomes even more difficult to manage when a corporation has multiple applications that are keeping tally of those metrics. From CRM systems, production spreadsheets, project management software to accounting systems presents a myriad of numbers and data makes it challenging for management and staff alike to make sense of it all.

In comparison, when we drive our vehicles we have a dashboard keeping us up-to-date of all the complex systems running our vehicles. One glance of the dashboard, and we have a snapshot telling us the status of our vehicle. Imagine if we did not have a dashboard? How would you determine how much gas you have? Or how fast you’re travelling, distance, oil pressure etc.? It would not be very practical for drivers to have a different dashboard to look out for each system. Unfortunately, for today’s businesses things are still too complicated instantly causing a lot of for management and employees that are running today’s complex businesses.

MyMedia’s content development team in Toronto recently created a DIGITAL DISPLAY DASHBOARD that pulls data from multiple different systems and displays them on gauges or charts all onto one screen, in real-time.  Having information all in one area is extremely powerful. It’s like having your own corporate scoreboard. These days it’s a common occurrence, meetings with management or staff sharing with them how the monthly or quarterly report whether positive or negative the problem is, it’s after the fact and its simply history.  Nothing could be done about the previous performance, other than rallying your staff to do better on the next performance period.

Conversely, professional sports have a scoreboard showing metrics in real time. Thanks to the new MyMedia DIGITAL DISPLAY DASHBOARD, finally corporate “scoreboards” can be a reality that can motivate and empower your corporate team to stellar achievements. Most of all alleviating stress from pulling multiple reports in order to get a snapshot of where the organization is standing on the current day, hour and minute!  In addition, an organization with multiple branches or offices can now be on the same page. The information is networked to one central server. If an organization has an office in Toronto and another in Los Angeles information can be shared in real-time.

Just imagine having your inside sales floor being divided into two groups and having a friendly competition of who can sell more product or services. Throughout the day the sales teams can watch their score in real-time as data populates from your sales are accounting system onto the DIGITAL DISPLAY DASHBOARD.

Another great application is motivating production teams. Production workers can see their productivity also been tallied on the DIGITAL DISPLAY DASHBOARD in real-time, motivating them to achieve their daily and hourly objectives.

Lastly, the large LCD screens can be split screened or zone to show other general announcements and doubling as a corporate communication information channel. Another application that can be added is a digital IP Clock. Multiple organizations are putting a huge emphasize on have IP Clocks insuring all walks throughout their organization are in sync. Well the digital display dashboard can also incorporate an IP Clock for virtually no extra cost.

No doubt, business systems are very sophisticated and are continually advancing with more capacity and more metrics to measure. But ultimately this information is for humans to read and make sense of. Today businesses need an easier way that can communicate metrics and not overload human resources.

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