Didn’t you get the Memo?

  • July 16, 2012
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Does this sound familiar? These days, that question is asked far too often between employees regarding emails. Considering the sheer volume of our inboxes, internal emails are often forgotten, or they may be flagged to read later but then become buried or lost in the never ending stream of incoming messages. Obviously this becomes a problem when employee engagement suffers as a result of intended messages not being received.

So how do you improve corporate communications? 

Digitall Bulletin Board

A number of MyMedia’s corporate clients required just such a solution that could penetrate throughout head offices and remote sites both nationally and internationally. The answer was to integrate their own private digital signage network with SCALA software by installing large LCD screens in lunchrooms and high traffic areas, even on factory floors. As a result, corporate messages have greater impact and exposure as eye-catching displays played on a continuous loop with repetition for emphasis. The solution isn’t complicated and with SCALA digital signage software, information can be updated instantly with the click of a keyboard!

MyMedia’s Toronto digital signage clients that have adopted this corporate communication solution all comment on how this delivery method has created an opportunity for employees to have more dialogue about new messages as they are displayed. Achieving the desired result for staff and colleagues to discuss, comment and act on new initiatives in a more timely and
efficient manner.

It makes sense that employees become more engaged and retain greater information once they’ve read it and heard it and had chance speak about it. This certainly is a lot more effective than
emails that may never get opened or become forever lost if they’re accidentally deleted.

Bottom line, with MyMedia’s digital signage solutions, “Didn’t you get the memo?” can become

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