Employees Singing The Same Tune?

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Recently, I was at a breakfast meeting down town Toronto with experts in Digital Signage. The conversation centred on the advancements made in digital communication specifically how social sites and software-as a-service applications costs are more affordable for organizations to subscribe to.  This presents another problem, an overload of data or, too many lyrics to sing.

The question is, how do you decipher what’s important?  Or, how does all the data impact your business?  Out of all these questions that were put on the table, the experts all agreed, keeping up with of these metrics or employee performance KPI’s makes it extremely difficult to manage all this information.

Today many of our corporate clients are seeing the need to compile and display their data in real-time at the right time to minimize the clutter.  Just because there’s a lot of information coming down the pipe it does not mean it has to be displayed all at once.  Controlling that information and displaying it when it needs to be shown gives a lot better direction to employees rather than displaying everything all at once.

Recently my friends and I were at a karaoke bar. These days they give you one verse at a time on a digital display screen (I can manage that). The karaoke display program even highlighted the lyrics in real time.  They made it really easy for me. Today we have the display technology to make it easier for employees to follow and sing the same tune. We may not sing in the SAME KEY :(.

I’m about to catch a flight for New York, and talk to group of experts about the same topic. Organizations in New York have the same issue than Toronto except the data is even greater and so is the problem. This should be fun and interesting as our software can crunch a lot of data in-a-New-York-minute.

Below is a transcript of the video that SCALA published a few years ago.  It explains the solution and the problem quite eloquently.


Corporate communications must be flexible to adapt a company needs. Staffs need to be kept apprised information relevant to their business unit as well as general company news. But many companies spread out across several locations working different shifts or are in different time zones. So just how do you get the right message to the right people when they are already overloaded with emails and meetings?

With “InfoChannel”.

Infochannel is a multimedia-messaging network that put you in control of your communication. It makes it easy for you to share information across the company or communicate different messages to different staffs all at the same time.

With the added benefit of interactivity users can get their information they looking for, from company news and employee benefits, to on the job training.

Get staffs attention by adding high quality graphics that bring you messages to lives and update them with ease.

Keeping content fresh, while saving cost on print or lengthy in house communication processes.

Take advantage of “InfoChannel” one of the most powerful and cost effective visual communication solutions used by thousands of companies around the world.

SCALA InfoChannel” Gives you the power to connect your message with your audience.


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