Problems in Corporate Communication

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These days we’re hearing a lot of problems in corporate communication. Our Toronto team did some research about workplace communication and revealed some surprising outcomes.

  • 62% of workers said their work can suffer because they can’t sort through information quick enough. *
  • 40% of information that employees receive is not important to their job. *
  • Only 40% of the workforce knew their corporation’s goals, strategy and tactics. †


These are the challenges in today’s work environment where most people have too much to do which can often lead to going off-course or direction. Today’s effective leaders are able to remind the team about the objectives and initiatives and the course of direction the company is taking. However, it’s challenging when your reports or when your team is scattered throughout the country or continent.

A digital signage solution in each of those offices can be a conduit that can keep your team on track with looping messages that can inspire and motivate your team.

MyMedia digital signage display solution can provide targeted and relevant messaging that will increase productivity by over 40%. Read more about our corporate

* Excerpts from the 2010 International Workforce Productivity Survey, commissioned by LexisNexis – a leading global provider of workflow solutions.

Based on a study by Chris Zook of Bain.

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