Digital signage solutions keep getting better and less expensive

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In my recent visit to Las Vegas – Digital Signage Expo,  I had the opportunity to stop by one of our enclosure partners. I was rather impressedinexpensive-kiosk-solution with their kiosk solution.

This is a partner who understands the value in providing a whole solution together rather than just one piece of the puzzle. The problem that we encountered in the past was incompatibility issues. Sometimes the bezel of the screen didn’t fit properly or getting access to the CPU in the back of the machine was sometimes awkward and difficult to service. It was evident to me that this manufacturer was thinking outside of the “ metal box “ (pardon the pun). The result was design that is holistic and practical for the end-user.

For MyMedia’s kiosk and digital signage integration team, this was welcoming news. Our engineers in Toronto and sales team in New York commented on how this took the guesswork out of trying to determine which screens, thermal printers, scanners and pin/chip readers work well and fit within the shell of the enclosures.

Having all the peripherals provided is like getting the whole recipe and procedure right there at your fingertips.

The best part of this is the VALUE! This brings the total cost of ownership of a kiosk down.  That is a GOOD NEWS, right?  A lot of time and energy spent testing and configuring all the components to make sure they work together.

In the photo on the right, I’m standing beside a blue kiosk that has a 20-inch touchscreen display with a virtual keyboard; also  wheelchair accessible.  The listing price for this kiosk solution is under US$2000.

We are in the process of having  a few of these kiosks shipped to a couple of US clients. If we get a permission to release a case study, I will be sharing it with all of our social channels.





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