Getting it right at the McDonalds Self-Service Kiosk

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I recently tried the Self-Service Kiosk at McDonalds to see how time-efficient they really were. My first attempt was not very successful as I erroneously selected “pay by cash” as my preferred payment method. This actually cost me time instead of saving it, so I went back the next morning and tried the entire process all over again. I’m glad I gave it another chance, because it proved to be a rather easy, fun experience the second time around.


Self Service Kiosk

The East Burlington location (approximately 35 km west of Toronto) has two double-sided kiosks, which were placed a few feet away from the front of the order counter. To start the ordering process, I just had to touch the screen. Within seconds, a friendly attendant appeared, asking me if I had any questions. This occurred on both days and from what I know now, is part of the over-all kiosk experience.

After choosing the cash payment method, I was then prompted to make selections from a variety of menu offerings, so I could easily customize my coffee. Once I was finished, I pressed “Done” and presto, the receipt got stuck in the printer! Fortunately, the friendly attendant came around quickly to resolve the situation. With the receipt clutched in my hand, I waited for my number to be called by staff at the pick-up counter. At least 15 minutes had passed before I realized I was supposed to first go to a cash register to process my payment. After paying, I then moved to the pick-up counter to wait for my order to be completed. This is exactly the same thing you do if you don’t use the Self-Service Kiosk. Lesson learned — if you only have cash, you can skip using the Self-Service Kiosk altogether, as it’s only going to add an extra step that is completely unnecessary and wastes precious time.

On my second visit the next morning, I chose to pay by debit card. After quickly swiping the screen to make all my selections (it gets easier the second time you do it), the receipt printed without a hitch at the bottom right of the kiosk. Within minutes, my number was called and my coffee was ready at the pick-up counter. Quick and efficient, like I knew it would be. And definitely a worth-while endeavor if you want to avoid waiting in that long-line up at the cash register.

An interesting note: as a short person, I didn’t have any problems accessing the debit machine located at the bottom of the screen, but I wonder how convenient that location is for others.

Did you know?

MyMedia makes it a point to position their Self-Service Kiosk screens at 45 degree angles – this is a more ergonomic and flexible solution that satisfies the needs of every user.

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