Easy to use digital signage: get it while it’s hot!

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Our Toronto Digital Signage team has been extremely busy the past couple of months, cooking up a new flavour of easy to use digital signage to add to the MyMedia recipe book! easy to use digital signage grab when hot

This solution comes with pre-loaded, professionally designed templates and a simple, plug and play platform that will get your Digital Signage solution up and running in less than 15 minutes.

And we’ll be making this available for only $19.95 per month! This is better than cooking your meal from scratch – we all know how painful and time-consuming that can be!

What a difference this will make to those who may be less than tech savvy or don’t have the necessary IT support behind them to help with the digital signage infrastructure.

This has been prepared for you through the MyMedia cloud-hosted solution, making the entire process easy,  streamlined and turn-key (that’s TURN-KEY not TURKEY, for those of you who are still loitering in the kitchen!)

Super Easy to Use Digital Signage

Eliminate that extra step of grabbing snippets of images and workflows from the company newsletter or corporate bulletin.

All the tools you need are embedded in the system, so you can create and edit your content in just a couple of minutes.

Make your selection

The first item on the menu is our Standard offering – one main zone on your large display with a news crawl on the bottom. Simple, yet delectable.

If you’re hungry for more, then choose our Premium solution – multiple zones with weather plus the addition of several news feed.

Easily pull your data from SharePoint and add dashboard widgets to make it a more satisfying, interactive experience. If you’re really enthusiastic, add up to two video sources to your display to give it that extra pizzaz. (that’s PIZZAZ, not PIZZA!)

Just think of it as the gourmet meal that’s ready for take-out.

All you have to do is pick up the phone or order online, select your ingredients and make your order.

Easy to use digital signage, right? Just don’t expect it to be delivered in 30 minutes.

Coming Soon

We’re rolling this out in late February/early March so make sure you bookmark this site to get the latest news and introductory offers.

Easy-to-use digital signage: Low carb – high value – maximum taste — you’re going to love it!

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