Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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It’s amazing how quickly the Electric vehicle industry is growing and so is Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

What is most unique is FREE energy or refueling stations for the Vehicle the industry.  Today is easy to spot electric vehicle charging station being offered in public places for free in most in major urban areas. The governments are promoting these initiatives with Tax credits and legislating charging stations.  Ontario intends to establish a requirement that, as of 2018, all newly built commercial office buildings and appropriate workplaces must provide charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, you get preferential parking spots to at an electric vehicle charging station. Strangely, there is the very little benefit or incentive for the property owner’s or municipalities to providing free charging station, until now. The outdoor advertising industry has been generating revenue with Billboards and Digital Signage for many years. Now we could Electric Vehicle Charging Stationdo the same with Digital Signage

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

It’s easier to sustain and expand Charging Stations for free when there’s an opportunity to generate revenue with advertising. Strategic placement of advertising within the city is what’s key to the industry’s success.

Since Electric vehicle charging stations are getting preferred locations, this is somethingElectric Vehicle Charging Station the outdoor advertising industry can leverage on to secure the primary locations.  Outdoor advertising companies are always looking for new opportunities to put new signs anywhere they can. They refer to this as Street Furniture.

Many examples of this : Bus Shelters, Garbage Receptacles, and of course different forms billboards. Signs are actually put on sidewalks for the public areas just sole purpose of advertising.  This has also brought some backlash from citizens and city officials to be considered to be a hindrance.

In fact, it’s becoming more difficult to obtain city permits for new street furniture signage. Conversely, Electric Charging Stations permits are increasing at a rapid rate. It has been reported, more than 12.7 million Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are slated to be installed by 2020, according to a new Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure report. The definite future trend is seeing less street furniture and more Electric Vehicle Charging Station that can also be leveraged as digital signage.

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