Mass Emergency Notification Toronto Canada. Amber Alert

Emergency Notification

What did you guys think of today’s Amber alert message that was distributed by the emergency messaging? At first, it scared the crap out of me. I thought that the emergency notification over text was only reserved for immediate threats like a missile is approaching your city. This is similar to what accidentally happened in Hawaii a few months ago.

After reading the message, I see that it was an Amber alert. It was centered around a child abduction and the suspect had the same last name. I quickly realized this must be a domestic issue around child custody. Then I felt really sad, heartbreaking for any family.

Then I got again in French only, like really? 😳. It’s scared me. I think it was the sound that was jolting. How do you say enough already in French?

What could’ve been improved? For starters, I wish it said Amber alert in bold instead of emergency. Secondly, The message was mixed with French separated by only a by /.  three times.  “ ///“ Couldn’t they simply put that in two separate parts.

Nonetheless, mass emergency notifications are a useful tool to alert The community is something that needs urgent attention.

What about your organization? How do you get specific messages out to everyone in your company? Most organizations practice a fire drill. They usually have a pretty detailed plan of what to do in the event of an emergency. The question becomes, “Is your organization ready for different sort of emergencies? How do you account for all visitors during the emergency evacuation?”

Unfortunately, the world we live in is a little bit more hostile. Consecutively, we then think about our preparedness for emergency situations such as someone in the front lobby that’s posing a threat, or a chemical spill in the warehouse. How do we direct all of the employees that there is an emergency situation? How do we let them know that they need to evacuate or do a lockdown? How do we inform them that the incident is unlike a usual procedure like the fire drill? For instance, providing specific instructions to evacuate at the back of the building is required.

The simple solution is for the organization to have its own mass emergency evacuation solution. With the solution, you’ll be able to preconfigure multiple different scenarios. Some of these scenarios are evacuating at the rear of the building, evacuating and avoiding the warehouse, or lockdown.

When specific instructions are required, emergency notification system such as MyLobby can protect your staff against a magnitude of threats.

When you analyze all major crisis situation in the past, they all come down to say the same thing: Better communication can save lives. How can such a system do this? Here are some of the benefits of the emergency notification system:

  • – Unified personalized message delivery through multiple channels to target not a device, but a user.
  • – Reduces the spread of misinformation
  • – Reduces response time and faster communication
  • – Rapid and reliable feedback regarding the status of employees

Being reminded of some of the benefits of having an emergency notification system, I believe we can agree that there are few realizations that we may all have in common. How prepared are we in terms of emergency? If we survive an emergency situation, how sure are we that others are able to do the same? We do not have to wait to realize how important being proactive is for any emergency situation. Setting up an emergency notification solution like MyLobby is a proactive approach regarding these situations. We do not want it to be too late for us when we are accountable for not just the employees lives but the safety of the community in general.