Over the last decade, we have seen how digital signage has evolved. We have had a great pleasure to service large enterprise locations to small community channels. We have now understood the needs of these channels. One of the needs is the creation of content.  Because of this, we have now developed Free Digital Signage Content for your company.

The biggest challenge they have is not having enough content or not having us time or RESOURCES to develop content for the channel.

Well, the good news is, that problem can be long behind you now because we have the Solution – MyMedia’s CONTENT is now Free for YOUR Digital signage channel.

We have developed professionally designed templates which makes it easy for you to pick and choose different backgrounds to customize your templates.

Also, if you need fresh content for the office we have you covered from :
– Out of office Template – Motivational quotes
– Interesting, fun facts
– This time in history

For the warehouse factory, we have you covered.
– Safety messages
– Good manufacturing practice messages
– Health tips And reminders on proper posture.

Mostly when you’re a MyMedia Software as a service client, YOU get ALL THIS for FREE.

Now you don’t have to feel nervous or alone in taking on the responsibility of your corporate channel because we’re going to be right there beside you right along the way.

For those of you that are current subscribers, you’re going to start to see new templates in your library that you could start using immediately so you need to do just one thing, call us email us and say I Like FREE Content –
Thanks for watching