Is workplace safety top of mind for your employees?

If you have a Safety training program for your new hires that’s great. The problem is we often forget the small, simple safety practices that are essential in maintaining a safe work environment.

As humans, we get busy, distracted and of course forgetful. The only way I stay top of mind is to be reminded. Marketers know this best, we hear and see the same commercials on TV and radio over and over. If the campaign has a catchy tune you might even start singing it.

The question now evolves what does your safety campaign look like?  How are you reminding your employees of some of the necessary safety requirements?

It has proven organization that have sufficient safety programs that are regularly maintained and updated and most of all well communicated to employees are better equipped to deal with incidents and usually have a better track record.

It is stated by the law that the employers are required to post certain documentation and signage to protect the health and safety of workers. These signages are needed to display in important areas, and workers should have easy access to it.

Here are the work safety guidelines for US and Canada

Traditionally, static signage is often used to address these requirements. Although, it has its shortcomings. For instance, studies show when signs are static are not legible and these are the signs tend to be jam-packed with information using a small font that is hard to read. They do not get a lot of attention. Furthermore, many work environments in the US and Canada have newcomers to the country where English is not their first language. Our digital signage safety boards give you the ability to post your safety messages in multiple languages.

Also, you can make it more relevant by displaying dynamic data such as the number of days without incidents, comparisons from previous quarters and last year, productivity analytics, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You could also display and compare data from other sites within your organization. Little friendly competition is another great incentive to keep your employees invested in the safety standards within the organization.

An effective workplace safety program should be easily visible and broadcasted like commercial campaigns we mentioned earlier. It’s only with repetition that we get very familiar with a task or procedure. For example, many of us have experienced flying on a commercial flight with various airlines, and they have very similar scripts such as “ the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position…”. I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times, and I’m sure you’re very familiar with this procedure.

Image of a hand holding a phone to show that you can experience a better workplace safety as you can navigate the displays using a mobile phone

We understand that as much as we want these procedures to be second-nature some people get nervous in the event of an emergency and we may forget those procedures. In this case, we can utilize one of the best features of dynamic digital signage. We can trigger a set or series of messages that will guide us through that emergency situation. For example, if a worker has a heart attack that emergency is triggered by any by a coworker on a browser and the messages for heart attack procedure will appear on the screen. It can post messages such as exact location of defibrillators, a list of employees with their phone numbers who have undergone proper first aid training. These messages are highly specific to each incident.

MyMedia has dynamic templates already created. These messages and templates have been tested and proven to be very useful. We can incorporate them into your workplace safety program as part of the value-added service. For as little as $38 a month for a full subscription of our host to digital signage solution can provide you with ready to use workplace safety templates customized to your specific requirements. Also, our dynamic data premium package can offer more significant impact.

The goal and outcome of any workplace safety program are to keep employees safe and have minimal incidents as possible. The digital workplace safety board channel is a new tool that is more effective and engaging than traditional workplace safety signage. A recap of those benefits are:

  • – easy-to-read-professionally designed dynamic templates
  • – easy customization
  • – dynamic data to display KPI’s
  • – multiple different languages
  • – emergency messaging

Your employees may not be whistling to the catchy commercial jingle from this workplace safety channel, but they will most certainly have better retention of the safety procedures with our digital boards.

For any workplace safety program to be successful, the communication must serve the employees in the best possible compelling manner. Posting a bunch of signs on a bulletin board that’s hard to read makes you compliant with government regulations, but it does not serve your employees very well.

What does your workplace safety program look like? We want to invite you to share some innovative ideas on how we can continually improve workplace safety.