The Oakville Arena located in Southwest Oakville was built in 1954. One of the most unique features is the craftsmanship of the structure. Instead of demolishing the arena structure they preserved the skeletal structure support beams. This $29.4-million facelift incorporated this heritage site into a modern multi-use community center.   MyMedia’s team was delighted to participate in providing this facility with digital signage and a scheduling system that was easy to use. The primary goal was to direct visitors and members to the new Trafalgar Park Community center to their designated location that included:

Town of oakville Community Centre Digital Signgae

  • * an NHL-size ice surface
  • * indoor running track
  • * new seniors’ centre
  • * administrative offices
  • * full-size gymnasium
  • * fitness centre
  • * new Kinsmen Pine Room for public meetings and events
  • * double tennis court that will be converted into an artificial ice rink in the winter
  • * fully accessible playground

One of the biggest challenges to operating a community center with 15 rooms in this facility is directing the flow of visitors.  From change rooms to Community rooms. Moreover, the town of Oakville needed a solution that was easy and simple to use.

MyMedia’s MyBooking App made it simple and easy for the facility coordinators to ent er their events to each room.Town of oakville Community Centre Digital Signgae

Here’s a quick video to see how it works:

We decided to locate the screens hanging from the ceiling – back to back facing South and north entrance. In addition, two screens behind the customer service desk as most people would look there for directions to their event.

The fifth Digital signage screen was installed in the concession stand. We created a little application to allow the user to easily uploaded spreadsheet a media uploader which populated a template with all content on the menu items and pricing. This allowed the facility operators to easily updated pricing simultaneously to all items.

Looking forward to going their Grand opening on Sept 22, 2018 Address133 Rebecca St, Oakville, ON L6K 1N3