I was at Samsung last week getting an orientation on Samsung FLip, an interactive whiteboard.

In this video, I’m sharing with what I’ve learned.

You might be asking how is this significant and why do I need one?

That’s a good question, although, I can tell you from experience conducting meetings do have several pain in the ass moments, such as:
-Projector not syncing up with your lap top = no slides to present 🙁
-Meeting facilitator is amped up on espresso, and he is writing notes on the board at the rate of a million miles a minute and erasing them just as quickly. (not cool dude 😎)
-taking notes at the meeting leads to missing other points
-Dry erase markers suck, especially with no ink 🙄.

The Samsung FLip addresses all of these challenges.

-Syncing your PC and tablet is easy, and you could do it wirelessly
-Digital whiteboard captures all your notes and can be exported to print, email or saved to the network

-No more DryErase markers needed. A simple stylus will do, or even chopsticks from your favourite sushi takeout place will suffice.



Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip Interactive Digital Whiteboard



This is now you might be asking how was the Samsung with available with a mobile easel that’s easy to move from one boardroom to another.
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