MyBooking App


MyBooking is a customizable online booking calendar. If you need to communicate with a community of people for upcoming events, boardroom meetings or even community rooms and auditoriums; MyBooking Events is the ideal application. You can also integrate these calendars with your website.

It has a rather simple to use interface to use for entering event details. Also, it has a weekly and monthly graphical view calendar so that you can book your events with confidence.

MyBooking Events has a straightforward API so that if you want to pull data from the application onto your application or other calendars, it’s quite easy to do so with my booking event calendar.

You can also enter the emails of the participants that are going to be present to invite them to the event.


Future developments will include having a QR code sign-in for the event for the participants. Attendance with validation has never been more accessible with MyBooking Events

Professional image and presentation is everything, and this is why we added the feature to upload a picture that is relevant to the event or meeting room.

Moreover, the front-end of the events page can be customized different colours and fonts

Our MyBooking team provides full deployment services. For more information,

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