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Have you ever arrived promptly at your meeting location, signed-in at reception, and then wasted valuable time WAITING and WAITING for the receptionist to find the whereabouts of your business contact?

With MyMedia's Visitor Management Solution, wasting precious time waiting for people to show up is a thing of the past.

Simply check-in using the MyLobby interactive tablet and your host is notified immediately that you arrived, through either a text or email message.

No time wasted and your meeting can now start on time!

Benefits of the Interactive MyLobby System

Better Visitor Management

Bring visitor management into the modern age.  MyLobby notifies you when guests arrive, handles the authorization of any legal documents, prints badges, all while improving safety and security.

Visitor Records in the Cloud

Safe, secure and readily available in real-time.  Our customer portal provides encrypted access to all visitor records, photos and signed legal documents.

Instant notifications

Smooth and efficient, MyLobby is the first product on the market to support automated voice notifications when visitors sign-in, along with Email and Text.

Powerful things can happen from the simplest interactions

With MyLobby, you will finally know who is on-site or visiting your office in Real Time.  It helps you maintain your ISO requirements, manage evacuation in case of emergency and even provide additional data to Marketing.

Your Image

Maximize the opportunity to make the best first impression.  MyLobby uses the latest technology, which reflects in the image of your business..

Your Safety

Meet necessary regulations and embrace best practices.  With MyLobby, you can enjoy the security of knowing that a process is in place to help mitigate security threats and to assist with safe evacuation of everyone (visitors included) in case of emergencies.

Your Time

On average, visitors waste 15 to 20 minutes of their time, going through a lengthy sign-in process at the front desk.  MyLobby removes this stress by leveraging the connectivity offered by today's technology. This makes efficient use of everyone's time and visitor management is more transparent.

See How Mobile CheckIn Works.

Single site

Make the right first impression!

Eliminate messy sign-in sheets and paper - a quick interaction with MyLobby gives you all the information you need.  Visitors are connected directly to their host with the option of printing a badge. Affordable enterprise functionality made easy to businesses of ALL sizes.

Know who is visiting, wherever you are.

Hosts get instant automated notifications from MyLobby through the selection of Email, Text and now, Voice -- an industry first! All visitor activity is easily monitored in Real Time, including the purpose of the visit, photo of the visitor and employee being visited.

Simple to install and manage!

The MyLobby platform is built for Apple and Android tablets.  Once installed, it is fully managed through our web-portal, making updates simple and instant. It's completely self-sufficient and self-monitoring, automatically sending alerts when any service is required.

Simplify the life of your receptionist

Efficiency, accuracy and a pleasant personality are the hallmarks of the best receptionists.  With MyLobby taking over their mundane tasks, visitors receive the friendly, full attention of the first person who greets them, along with a little WOW factor added to boost your overall company's image.  If you don't have a receptionist, you can install the Unattended Mode, replacing the outdated phone and extension list displayed by the front entrance door. 

Multiple site deployment

Make the right first impression!

Eliminate messy sign-in sheets and paper - a quick interaction with MyLobby gives you all the information you need.  Visitors are connected directly to their host with the option of printing a badge. 

Consistency across your enterprise!

MyLobby helps corporations implement enterprise wide site access policies, legal requirements and branding.   The data is centrally managed, monitored and controlled through our web portal.  It forces sites to follow corporate rules while allowing for location specific provisions where required.

Improved security, safety and compliance!

MyLobby offers innovative tools to help secure the facility and to offer an enhanced safety element during emergencies.  Compliant with various industry and ISO standards, it delivers well beyond expected requirements, making audits a breeze.

Interactive Lobby knows how to live in the Enterprise

MyLobby is flexible and can be implemented inside or outside existing corporate networks.  Integrations to various corporate systems are available for more streamlined and seamless experience.  In the cloud or in the data center, Interactive Lobby can be deployed to address your specific security and data retention requirements.

Commercial Buildings

The next generation of enhanced Tenant Directory adding full visitor management

Eliminate messy sign-in sheets and paper - a quick interaction with MyLobby gives you all the information you need.  Visitors are connected directly to their host with the option of printing a badge. 

Combine security and the concierge to deliver an efficient pleasant process to all visitors

Companies today will make their visitors feel safe through the installation of physical security right in the main lobby. With a flexible combination of information capture, MyLobby makes it easy for visitors to find who they are looking for and obtain necessary approvals, badges and security codes to proceed inside. All accomplished with no re-wire or large capital outlay.

Consistent operation 24/7

Tenant hosts get notified after hours, and if on-site, can approve visitor access in compliance with your individual building requirements

Residential Building

Deliver a more enhanced secure experience to visitors at minimal cost

Identify the tenant who opened the door with a photo or video record, including a name as an additional option. MyLobby uses the best available technology to add convenience as well as that  extra little Wow factor.

No need to rip and replace the existing setup

MyLobby can be a compliment to the existing access control systems installed, modernizing the look, feel and ability of building security with NO rewiring. The more advanced your existing or new setup is, the more advanced the combined capabilities that can be activated.

Tenants get enhanced abilities over traditional systems

Communicate with visitors even if they are away from the building. Activate parental controls to identify visitors when away in Real Time. Install remote approvals to guests or contractors you trust.

Bonus Feature -- temporary visitor parking with door control!


The next generation of enhanced Tenant Directory adding full visitor management

MyLobby easily captures the name and photo of all visitors and identifies the tenant being visited.  The host receives instant notification via their choice of Email, Text, Voice or in the near future, mobile App. The option to print a badge is always available.

Compliment a receptionist or work standalone adding value to tenants 24/7

As a hub of activity for many companies, getting visitors connected quickly and securely to their hosts has never been easier. Tenants self-manage their choice of how they are contacted. If required, the system can issue temporary pass codes for access.

High touch - low touch - core or after hours?

Add value by offering your tenants the ability to add the signing of NDAs or other notices into their customized sign-in screen flow.  Copies of signed documents are quickly emailed to the tenant and the visitor. Add a company logo on the prominently positioned scrolling banner to increase visibility. 


Streamline how you welcome customers

MyLobby's Simple Sophistication gives you fast, efficient processing of customers so they can do what they came to do! Waivers and agreements are signed on the screen instantly.  You can even include a photo of your customer with the option to auto print badges or passes.

Increase your customer communication

Capture emails easily so you can send customers their agreements or add them to your mailing lists. Give them the option to auto "Tweet" and "Post" to your Facebook page. If you have digital signage, use their photo as part of the show.

In case of emergency ... 

Automatically know who is onsite at all times!  Match photos to names if a security or medical need arises. In case of evacuation, all relevant information is sent to your mobile device so you are kept up-to-date of the situation. 

Want to include payment in the flow? Just let us know.

Use the MyLobby's payment processor to make your sign-in process easier and all-inclusive. 

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