Electric Vehicle Charging Station

It’s amazing how quickly the Electric vehicle industry is growing and so is Electric Vehicle Charging Station. What is most unique is FREE energy or refueling stations for the Vehicle the industry.  Today is easy to spot electric vehicle charging station being offered in public places for free in most in major urban areas. The […]

Improving Visitor Management

I hate being late for meetings that’s why I like to show up early. Despite my efforts it’s rare that meetings start on time. Traditional visitor sign in is time consuming and a hassle. Besides, does anyone ever really read or track all those visitors log sign-sheets? This is why I am excited to tell you […]

Easy to use digital signage: get it while it’s hot!

Our Toronto Digital Signage team has been extremely busy the past couple of months, cooking up a new flavour of easy to use digital signage to add to the MyMedia recipe book!  This solution comes with pre-loaded, professionally designed templates and a simple, plug and play platform that will get your Digital Signage solution up […]

Real-time data motivates people to perform

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether visualizing data can actually be used to motivate people successfully.  I often tell people how essential it is to display real-time data to employees because it just makes a lot of sense. Additionally, my clients also tell me that having a data dashboard in the […]

From Vision Statements to Employee Engagement

I was driving to the city for a meeting the other day when I got stuck in dreadful traffic. Sitting there, bored, I started to think about how bad the traffic problem was getting these days and how we could try to solve it. Immediately, I remembered Uber’s vision statement for the future “one of […]

Raising Productivity in Today’s Workplace Environment

Our office recently installed a new coffee-maker machine that brews everything from café lattes to mochaccinos, in various flavours, sizes and potencies – the only thing that’s missing is a friendly barista to hand it over to you with a bite-sized biscotti. Distraction or productivity booster? This is a tough question to answer. A recent […]

Recognizing Contributions through a Video Donor Wall

How do you thank people for making generous donations to your organization, in a way that maximizes space and optimizes creativity? We’ve been asked this question many times before and have created a dynamic, interactive donor wall that provides an exciting solution.  Visitors are immediately drawn to the dynamic moving photos and can use the […]

Digital Visual Merchandising  – Q & A with John Liberatore

Digital Visual Merchandising It’s no surprise to see how digital technology is moving quickly, especially in the area of  window displays. Digital signage in Toronto, New York, and throughout Asia are quickly embracing digital signage as a widely accepted medium. What’s even more exciting is the evolution of this medium. Higher and brighter resolution screens lends itself […]

Data Visualization and why do you need it

Data Visualization Step into any busy office environment today and what do you see? People looking at multiple screens, from different computers and angles, scrambling to get their work done. It’s become the norm to use a desktop computer, a laptop and a smart phone, not to mention the different applications available on each medium, […]

Adding Emotions to Your Sales Dashboard

Did you know you can add emotions to a data visualization dashboard? Are you wondering, “How can data show emotions?” That’s what I thought too when we were approached by a corporate client that manages an IT department for a number of outbound sales teams. The organization had a variety of challenges. One of them […]