Interactive Digital Whiteboard Samsung Flip

I was at Samsung last week getting an orientation on Samsung FLip, an interactive whiteboard. In this video, I’m sharing with what I’ve learned. You might be asking how is this significant and why do I need one? That’s a good question, although, I can tell you from experience conducting meetings do have several pain […]

Town of Oakville’s New Community Centre Using Digital Signage To Direct Visitors

The Oakville Arena located in Southwest Oakville was built in 1954. One of the most unique features is the craftsmanship of the structure. Instead of demolishing the arena structure they preserved the skeletal structure support beams. This $29.4-million facelift incorporated this heritage site into a modern multi-use community center.   MyMedia’s team was delighted to participate […]

Easy to use digital signage: get it while it’s hot!

Our Toronto Digital Signage team has been extremely busy the past couple of months, cooking up a new flavour of easy to use digital signage to add to the MyMedia recipe book!  This solution comes with pre-loaded, professionally designed templates and a simple, plug and play platform that will get your Digital Signage solution up […]

From Vision Statements to Employee Engagement

I was driving to the city for a meeting the other day when I got stuck in dreadful traffic. Sitting there, bored, I started to think about how bad the traffic problem was getting these days and how we could try to solve it. Immediately, I remembered Uber’s vision statement for the future “one of […]

Employees Singing The Same Tune?

Recently, I was at a breakfast meeting down town Toronto with experts in Digital Signage. The conversation centred on the advancements made in digital communication specifically how social sites and software-as a-service applications costs are more affordable for organizations to subscribe to.  This presents another problem, an overload of data or, too many lyrics to sing. […]

Problems in Corporate Communication

These days we’re hearing a lot of problems in corporate communication. Our Toronto team did some research about workplace communication and revealed some surprising outcomes. 62% of workers said their work can suffer because they can’t sort through information quick enough. * 40% of information that employees receive is not important to their job. * Only […]