Interactive Digital Whiteboard Samsung Flip

I was at Samsung last week getting an orientation on Samsung FLip, an interactive whiteboard. In this video, I’m sharing with what I’ve learned. You might be asking how is this significant and why do I need one? That’s a good question, although, I can tell you from experience conducting meetings do have several pain […]

Town of Oakville’s New Community Centre Using Digital Signage To Direct Visitors

The Oakville Arena located in Southwest Oakville was built in 1954. One of the most unique features is the craftsmanship of the structure. Instead of demolishing the arena structure they preserved the skeletal structure support beams. This $29.4-million facelift incorporated this heritage site into a modern multi-use community center.   MyMedia’s team was delighted to participate […]

Real-time data motivates people to perform

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether visualizing data can actually be used to motivate people successfully.  I often tell people how essential it is to display real-time data to employees because it just makes a lot of sense. Additionally, my clients also tell me that having a data dashboard in the […]

Raising Productivity in Today’s Workplace Environment

Our office recently installed a new coffee-maker machine that brews everything from café lattes to mochaccinos, in various flavours, sizes and potencies – the only thing that’s missing is a friendly barista to hand it over to you with a bite-sized biscotti. Distraction or productivity booster? This is a tough question to answer. A recent […]

Data Visualization and why do you need it

Data Visualization Step into any busy office environment today and what do you see? People looking at multiple screens, from different computers and angles, scrambling to get their work done. It’s become the norm to use a desktop computer, a laptop and a smart phone, not to mention the different applications available on each medium, […]

Adding Emotions to Your Sales Dashboard

Did you know you can add emotions to a data visualization dashboard? Are you wondering, “How can data show emotions?” That’s what I thought too when we were approached by a corporate client that manages an IT department for a number of outbound sales teams. The organization had a variety of challenges. One of them […]

Stop crunching numbers and start visualizing data

Visualizing Data In today’s world, we have more information than we need. Large amounts of data are constantly being streamed from multiple sources. As a consequence, most organizations are outfitted with powerful computing processors and smart software that collect this BIG DATA. This leaves us with a most difficult challenge — how can we make sense of it all […]