The City of Kitchener Going Digital

With the assistance of MyMedia and the City of Kitchener, the bond between contemporary art, special events and Digital Technology was strengthened last night through the unveiling of a new Digital Projection system. This Digital Display will light up the south and west faces of the 13-metre cube atop Kitchener City Hall on a nightly basis.

The Digital Projectors – designed, manufactured and installed by world-renowned Christie Digital Systems Canada, Inc. whose national head office is located near downtown Kitchener — are permanently mounted in specialized environmental chambers. These are plugged into a SCALA media player that is managed with a web based content management program deployed and integrated by MyMedia. The SCALA software solution allows the City staff to easily upload and schedule Digital Media on the cube’s projector.

This Digital Projection provides:

  • A new visual focal point for downtown
  • A new Digital gallery for artists in the community
  • A test bed for new Digital Projection applications and content
  • Plus visual support to events being held in the downtown core

In the spring of 2010, The City of Kitchener will be expanding their Digital Signage. MyMedia will be deploying Samsung’s latest outdoor, touch-screen kiosks in the downtown core.

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