University of Toronto Case Study

MyMedia helps the University of Toronto communicate with students and members in their new state-of-the-art Facility Fitness Center

Toronto, ON Canada- February 5, 2008 – MyMedia successfully implemented a new and powerful communication system with the University of Toronto Recreational and Wellness Center (RAWC), a brand new state-of-the-art Facility Fitness Center. The Center is very diverse with community outreach programs with other schools and partners, and with the local hospital for rehabilitation and fitness instructor courses. With various programs taking place, communication within the building was a full-time job and the limited communication tools they had were ineffective. The coordinator, Andrew Bellerby, was looking for a more effective and time saving means to communicate information. Bellerby decided on a Digital Signage system that was easy to use with a short learning curve. They needed a system that could tap into their scheduling software which posted schedules on the plasma screen throughout the facility.

MyMedia took on the challenge of delivering a system that fulfilled all of the University of Toronto’s requirements. As a SCALA value-added re-seller, MyMedia recommended the SCALA InfoChannel 5 Player as the right solution. The InfoChannel Player pointed to MyMedia’s content manager server which held all of the University of Toronto’s content and playlists. The content was developed by using a series of templates scripts. This gave the coordinator and his team the ability to change content quickly and easily.

The second part of the project was to overlay Digital Signage over television programming that was coming in from a satellite feed on the first channel. Since the InfoChannel Player Software accommodated the ability to display two separate pieces of content with the use of the dual head video card, along with the TV input card, MyMedia configured the player to display two independent channels of content. The first channel is all Digital Signage with four zones playing announcements, news, weather, time and date. The second channel plays, the overlay of Digital Signage and satellite TV simultaneously.

The last part of the challenge for MyMedia was to display the facility’s schedule on their plasma screens. “In order to do this, we needed to extrapolate the data from their scheduling software and develop VBScript display a seven-day schedule tailored to the client needs. This gave the coordinator a time-saving solution of not having to post print ads every day for a facility. The Digital Signage displays mimic the changes in this scheduling software updated every minute.”, said by John Liberatore, President of MyMedia Inc.

The University of Toronto has had a great deal of success with SCALA InfoChannel 5 and is considering expanding their Digital Signage network in the near future.

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