Digital Signage: Trends in the Education Sector

Photo courtesy HP Canada By Dmitry Sokolov In an effort to improve student, visitor and faculty communication, educational institutions of all levels are adopting Digital Signage. Used for way-finding, emergency notifications and other applications, Digital Signage offers the educational sector an effective medium to increase communication. Some leading-edge schools are even incorporating the creation of […]

Employees Singing The Same Tune?

Recently, I was at a breakfast meeting down town Toronto with experts in Digital Signage. The conversation centred on the advancements made in digital communication specifically how social sites and software-as a-service applications costs are more affordable for organizations to subscribe to.  This presents another problem, an overload of data or, too many lyrics to sing. […]

Video wall becomes a literal wall

It’s great to see when architecture meets modern display technology. I was travelling in New York (at the Buffalo airport gift shop) when I saw a video wall that was actually part of the wall in the store. Unfortunately, at the time, the content being displayed was only two looping videos that really did not […]

Problems in Corporate Communication

These days we’re hearing a lot of problems in corporate communication. Our Toronto team did some research about workplace communication and revealed some surprising outcomes. 62% of workers said their work can suffer because they can’t sort through information quick enough. * 40% of information that employees receive is not important to their job. * Only […]

Outdoor Digital Signage in Toronto

One of our clients in Toronto recently commissioned us to outfit them with an outdoor digital signage network. The key to a successful deployment is finding the right screen. This is important because the biggest problem with outdoor digital signage is having enough contrast to beat the glare of ambient light on bright sunny day. […]

Corporate Overload! Digital Display Dashboards

These days, corporate overload is becoming the norm for individuals. With business systems that can now measure all kinds of metrics to become somewhat of a daunting task to keep up-to-date with and causing a great deal of stress and frustration in the workforce. Furthermore, it becomes even more difficult to manage when a corporation […]

Didn’t you get the Memo?

Does this sound familiar? These days, that question is asked far too often between employees regarding emails. Considering the sheer volume of our inboxes, internal emails are often forgotten, or they may be flagged to read later but then become buried or lost in the never ending stream of incoming messages. Obviously this becomes a […]

The Future of Shopping Malls

Because Face it, Mall Directories are a Bit Dated Anyway Likely half of the people reading this blog strolled around a mall in Toronto in the past week. The ever pressing question then must have arose, “Where is that store!”  It most certainly has happened to us at MyMedia and we are thoroughly underwhelmed by […]

The Bottom Line about Virtual Mannequins

MyMedia’s opinion on this new technology Virtual Mannequins have been popping up in discussion quite a bit around the Digital Signage world recently.  As with most new technologies, there are plenty of people for and against it; especially in its earliest stages.  With this, MyMedia wants to provide its view on how Virtual Mannequins will […]

University of Toronto

The Challenge The University of Toronto Recreational and Wellness Center (RAWC) is a brand new state‐of‐the‐art facility. The Center is quite diverse with community outreach programs to other schools and the local hospital where it provides rehabilitation and fitness instructor services. With the various programs taking place, communication within the building was a full‐time job and […]