Improving Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

Lessons learned improving employee engagement with Digital Corporate Communication.  It’s all about the culture. The lack of employee engagement is one of the biggest problems in Corporate America.  Part of the problem is today there is a magnitude of communication channels coming at us and we are more likely to get distracted and harder for corporate […]

Employees Singing The Same Tune?

Recently, I was at a breakfast meeting down town Toronto with experts in Digital Signage. The conversation centred on the advancements made in digital communication specifically how social sites and software-as a-service applications costs are more affordable for organizations to subscribe to.  This presents another problem, an overload of data or, too many lyrics to sing. […]

Problems in Corporate Communication

These days we’re hearing a lot of problems in corporate communication. Our Toronto team did some research about workplace communication and revealed some surprising outcomes. 62% of workers said their work can suffer because they can’t sort through information quick enough. * 40% of information that employees receive is not important to their job. * Only […]