Halton Jobs Uses My Media

An Employment center in Oakville Ontario (suburb outside of Toronto) needed a solution to replace their traditional paper bulletin job postings. These posting were time consuming for the administration team and was not always update with most recent and relevant information.

Furthermore, the employment office was looking for a way to improve the layout of job categories so that visitors could easily navigate directly to job options that fitted their criteria. Ultimately, the intention was to create a better visitor experience.

MyMedia’s Toronto content development team managed to fulfill all of their client’s digital signage requirements. Their approach was by pulling job posting data from a third party database and parsing the data fields into SCALA with use of VB Scripting. Additionally, the programmer’s built-in algorithms to sort the data, which directed the posting in to their respective categories.

As a result, visitor can walk-up to the Digital Signage Display Boards and quickly search jobs they are interested in by interacting with display boards postings with the option to print the job details to a local printer.

Today Halton Jobs no longer need to spend hours; printing, sorting and physically posting hard copies on to a board.

In conclusion, Halton managed to create a better visitor experience while saving time and money.

The MyMedia digital Dashboard offered the solutions they were looking for.