The New Web

What is the New Web?

New technology has emerged where multimedia presentations don’t just inform in simple text but
rather come alive with illustrations, video spokespersons, and animation.

What better way to communicate your message than with a virtual spokesperson,
also known as:

  • Video Spokesperson
  • Website Video
  • Online Greeter
  • Corporate Web-Video
  • Streaming Video
  • Corporate
  • Web-Video Talking Head
  • Internet Video
  • Virtual Spokesperson
  • Video Salesperson
  • Borderless Video
  • Add Video

Why ? We are so inundated with information, yesterdays traditional static web sites are no
match for an audience with an ever decreasing attention span. The challenge is to captivate this
new audience that has become conditioned to rich media content. In order to captivate
your audience you need to inspire them and ultimately stimulate them into an engaging
relationship with your organization.

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