As the digital world evolves and expands, so does the need for displaying digital information in a compelling manner. Since 2005 MyMedia Inc has been providing digital display service to help organizations convert their traditional communication into a dynamic channel that connects their message to their audience with greater influence.
The channels that we have created in the past have been for: retail stores, educational channels for students along with emergency messaging, corporate information networks with added data visualization dashboards displaying KPI’s in real-time. MyMedia has the tools and expertise to provide a solid communication channel.

We are often ask, how do we do it? As a digital signage integrator we are well versed with the latest hardware and software that are needed to make a solution run smoothly and successfully that minimize downtime. Furthermore, if a customized solution is required, we will engage our program developers to tailor a solution that fits the client’s requirements.

With digital signage teams in Toronto and New York we are able to scale large or small deployments, with a network of installers in every major city in North America. This also demonstrates that we have the depth and breath to reach multiple markets.

Our added value and what makes us unique is our ability to take our clients vision and ideas and make them even greater. We do this by drawing upon our years of exposure in diverse industries all with different challenges. Our solutions are derivatives from past experiences; as a result, we bring a vast inventory of knowledge with us that our new clients can leverage when our digital signage specialist team is engaged in new projects.

Lastly, great service and convenience is our standard from the MyMedia team. With our turnkey services raging from: content development, installation, hardware configuration & software. We provide our clients with a total 360 degrees of service. In essence, we become your digital communication partner.

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What is the Objective of your Communication?

Is it to inform, or is it a call to take action (make a purchase)? Once we understand your intention, we can then create the content to achieve your desired objective.

Creating content for a new medium can be a challenge. MyMedia provides the resources and know-how to maximize your message. Content is key. Having a message that captivates, excites and informs your audiences is essential to do business in today’s fast-paced world.

We are dealing with a medium that involves dual senses, visual and audible. Our experienced Designers are able to creatively balance both mediums in order to deliver a persuasive message.